You scream for ice cream, we scream for sea freight!!!

  After 8 weeks of traveling across the ocean, our sea freight container arrived to our new home! You would have thought Santa came! The kids were so incredibly happy to have their belongings and unpacking felt like Christmas in July for them! I on the other hand was terrified. I thought to myself how […]

Welcome to Holland!

When we arrived the owner of the home we are renting from gave a small wrapped gift to each kid. They were elated and it meant the world to us and them! Royce’s new boss and family also came to welcome our family. It is comforting to know they live close by. Most people are on […]

Birthday Girl

Happy 3rd Birthday to our baby girl, Mary Kate! She has had her mama and daddy wrapped around her little fingers since the day she was born! We love you to the moon and back! Her little world is turned a bit upside down at the moment, but Momsie & Pawpaw are making it better […]

Sea Fright!

Sea Fright! I mean Sea Freight! It was a bit frightening to know that our belongings will travel on this container by sea for six to eight weeks, but at the same time it is comforting to know that these are just things and not human beings. The kids were very tuned in when it […]

Boxes, Bubble Wrap, and Tape Galore

 It was boxes, bubble wrap, and tape galore over at our house this July! The movers spent two days packing and organizing boxes for air freight, sea freight, and storage. We couldn’t have done this without the help of friends and family taking care of little ones. Mary Kate came home later after swimming and asked […]

Blue, Red, and Yellow Oh My!

It is hard to imagine cleaning your house much less sorting your belongings and organizing for a move for your family. A friend of ours suggested to us that with their overseas move they gave away or donated a third, stored a third, and shipped a third of their items. She had gone from room […]

Diving into Dutch

From the moment we signed the contract to make this overseas move to the Netherlands, we literally dove into the Dutch language. Instead of swim lessons and summer camps, we dove head first into Dutch. We started taking lessons via Skype for the whole family through a language trainer out of Houston. Royce and I would […]

Opportunity Awaits

An overseas opportunity was placed before our family and we finally and officially said, “Yes”. My husband was asked to move within the company for a three year job assignment in the Netherlands. We didn’t exactly scream”Yes” right away, but after lots of prayers, contemplation, and mid morning coffee we decided this would be an […]