Omaha Beach

  June 6th of 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of D-day. We drove to the region of Normandy in France where people honor this day and this time period of World War II beautifully. Here marks the Avenue De La Liberation where we started our journey in learning more about the history of the Allied […]

Madurodam, Den Haag

Over the Carnival Holidays, we took a day trip to Den Haag to finally check out Madurodam! The boys in the family are fans of model trains, airplanes, cars, and boats, so heading to a little miniature Holland full of models was a treat! The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had such a lovely […]

Oostkapelle, Netherlands

Our goal for this particular trip was to see a castle, a forest, and the sea all within a day! We woke up early on Saturday morning, found a McDonald’s on the way, and then headed northwest for a place called, Oostkapelle. We first toured the grounds of Westhove Kasteel and the museum, Terra Maris. Then we walked into […]

You scream for ice cream, we scream for sea freight!!!

  After 8 weeks of traveling across the ocean, our sea freight container arrived to our new home! You would have thought Santa came! The kids were so incredibly happy to have their belongings and unpacking felt like Christmas in July for them! I on the other hand was terrified. I thought to myself how […]

Home Sweet Home

Our big and little Texan feet arrived safe and sound to our new home in Schijndel on July 31, 2013. Kids rushed in to see their loft on the third floor and then shortly fell fast asleep after exploring their smaller, but cozy Dutch home. We are borrowing furniture from the company until our sea […]

United We Fly

What a family of six looks like in an airport…funnneeee! We are not all pictured here, but the site of our luggage, crumb filled car seats, and kids we checked in was chaos in itself. First, we dropped off Leo, our 13 year old golden retriever, at the Pet Care Cargo with United. They let us know […]

Welcome to Holland!

When we arrived the owner of the home we are renting from gave a small wrapped gift to each kid. They were elated and it meant the world to us and them! Royce’s new boss and family also came to welcome our family. It is comforting to know they live close by. Most people are on […]

The things we do for ice cream

We are without bikes and a car for just a few days, so we walk where we need to go. For Holland, it is hot, but for us Texans it’s beautiful. I first promise the kids some amazing ice cream just around the corner if they help us carry the groceries on our walk back […]

Birthday Girl

Happy 3rd Birthday to our baby girl, Mary Kate! She has had her mama and daddy wrapped around her little fingers since the day she was born! We love you to the moon and back! Her little world is turned a bit upside down at the moment, but Momsie & Pawpaw are making it better […]

Sea Fright!

Sea Fright! I mean Sea Freight! It was a bit frightening to know that our belongings will travel on this container by sea for six to eight weeks, but at the same time it is comforting to know that these are just things and not human beings. The kids were very tuned in when it […]