Bakkeri Bekkers

Lane and his class on a field trip to a bakery in Veghel! Mijn lieve bakker Lane!

Love my little world travelers

We are loaded up for a week back home in Texas. I must say, we have come a long ways. It’s 5:00 am and this girl is smiling! My boys have got this down. What would we do without ice cream and movies on a 10 hour flight?

The Royal Dutch Princess

Mary Kate’s first carnival at school! She was just thrilled to wear red lipstick, a princess dress, and crown. And she begged me to make her hair like Aunt Katie’s. After kids race to their classrooms each morning, parents then go outside by the windows to wave goodbye or blow kisses to their kids. Mary Kate […]

Serious Swimmers

Our kids have definitely become some serious swimmers while living in Holland! Having them master the Dutch swim diplomas has truly been one of the best things we have done! Lance has completed A, B, and C. Maci and Lane have now completed both A and B. This spring they look forward to finishing and […]


Pannenkoekenhuis (pankcake houses) are popular in both Holland and Belgium. These pancakes are much thinner and larger than the American pancake and is served with an unusual variety of toppings, like brie, walnuts, apples, and honey…my top choice! We have enjoyed several in the past year and we really don’t have one particular pancake house […]

Role Reversal

The kids and I have just made it home on  our bikes from school. Backpacks and shoes scatter the entry way. We promptly enjoy an afternoon snack of fresh bakery bread smeared with a hazelnut chocolate spread and a glass of cold milk. I opted out on my normal greek yogurt and museli go to […]

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

 Linking up this Thursday with Like Mother, Like Daughter! {Pretty} A bike ride to market with my girl. {Happy} The time where I say, “Yes” to buying a candy at the market. {Funny} Little girls laughing at the 11 year old behind the camera lady doing who knows what above my head. {Real} Learning to read […]

Five Favorites

Compared to our backyard in Texas, we have a tiny teeninsey backyard here in Holland. We are Texans through and through and I think it is just in our blood that we need wide open spaces. I am not complaining by any means. I promise. It takes Royce or our new lawn mower, Lance, all of […]

Winery & Herbs Pompoen Feest

It wouldn’t be October without cool weather, warm delicious foods, and pumpkins! Winery & Herbs is located a bike ride away, but for today we drove, so we could bring back our beloved fall favorites! We took home pumpkins and gourds galore, pumpkin recipes, pumpkin wine, pumpkin jam, and of course mama’s camera filled with photos. […]

Meer Honkbal

Meer Honkbal, meaning more baseball! Here are some of my favorite shots of our seven year old playing ball this fall. Finding baseball here was such a blessing for our boys. In our first year of  transition to Holland, we knew we had to keep busy or we would end up being too homesick thinking about […]