Onze Lieve Ballet Pietjes

Our sweet ballet pietjes dressed up and danced their hearts out for Sinterklaas Friday night. Through my blurry pictures, I savor the smiles, the tutus, the tiny dance feet, and the squeals over pepernoten and snoepjes.   

Bosch Sinterklaas Feest

Sint Treats

Since the 15th of November, Sinterklaas and all the Zwarte Pieten have arrived from Spain on their steamboat. What this translates to the kids…they can put their shoes out by the fireplace and on some mornings they might discover a small treat or tiny cadeau inside their boot or sneaker. Most nights the girls stuff […]

Golden Trees

In the spring I posted pictures of pink trees, so it is only appropriate I share these golden yellow beauties we discovered this fall. On a Sunday afternoon, Royce led us to the perfect and most glorious spot to feel and see autumn. I didn’t plan for a family photo shoot, so we went without the glam […]

Lost My Name

I haven’t lost my name….at least not today. Our family is thrilled to host a book giveaway for a personalized magical tale with your child’s name! First, click here for video. Here are half a dozen reasons why we loved our Lost My Name books… 1. You can pick from six different languages including English, German, Spanish, […]


Today was a beautiful day for a sports day! The whole school met at the fields for a morning full of fun! Oranje (juice) was included! I loved how the groups (grade levels) were mixed. The older ones were patiently helping the younger ones and that alone was priceless. Maci was just thrilled she could […]

Mama’s Day

My cup runneth over with LOVE… It is just the simple things that makes a mama’s heart melt. I eagerly opened handmade gifts the children had been making for months in their classes.  I caught the oldest coming back home from a bike ride to the Spar with a bouquet of spring flowers and my […]


Pink Trees

Just got back from a bike ride before bedtime with Mary Kate. She wanted to see more pink trees while sporting her pajamas.


Celebrating Palm Sunday with Lane and his First Communion class. I had to go here to learn more about this sweet Palmpasenstok tradition. After mass the kids deliver their Palm Sunday crosses to someone special. We chose a good friend from church, Margot. Truly a gem to be with.