Our love letter back home…

Love is the Beauty of the Soul St. Valentine Hoi from the Gerngross family! We are sending our LOVE from the Netherlands! Just six months ago, our boots and hearts were in Texas where we were speaking and reading in English, driving our Expedition to and from baseball or dance, eating Chick-fil-a, shopping at HEB, […]

Delayed Gratification

Wikipedia says delayed gratification means “the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward”. Who knew Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Farmer Boy, would inspire mom to teach delayed gratification to her boys. It began in Chapter 7, “All day long Mother had been baking, and when Almonzo went into the kitchen […]

Appelflappen Bakken

  Appelflappen was on the agenda for Maci’s class Thursday morning only she and the other classmates didn’t know it. Their teacher surprised the kids with a fall walk to a nearby grocery store to gather all the ingredients for their baking project! Mary Kate and I tagged along to take class photos from start to finish! Appelflappen is […]

lard, leaves, little pumpkins, loaves of bread, lovely ladies

With the inspiration from some bloggers back home, Julia and Lauren, I’m linking up for the first time today with Hallie at Moxie Wife. Lard, leaves, little pumpkins, loaves of bread, and lovely ladies…these are a few of my five favorite things. 1. Lard-Lard for pie crust that is! My friend Terri also known as the Pie […]

forever friends, fantastic food, and funny fotos

We haven’t even been here for a month and we got to have visitors already! YEAH! It was comforting when the Dvorak family showed up to see us Schijndel! Two Texas families in a quiet, quaint Dutch village…this could be dangerous. On Saturday, Erin and I enjoyed shopping at the market while our gracious husbands watched the kids. […]

Pink Cakes and TeaTime with Toddlers

 There is nothing better than pink cake, pretend tea, and toddlers. While the big kids are at their new school, mama and Mary Kate had a lovely tea party for two today. We enjoyed these sweet little Dutch treats called, Roze Koeken. Mary Kate and I enjoy our walks on the main street in town. It’s a […]

To market, to market…

To market, to market not to buy a fat pig, but strawberries, breads, and cheeses instead! Today, we visited our first market here in Schijndel. We found some amazing Dutch cheeses. I will have to use Google Translate to figure out what they are really called. I did find out that The provinces of Noord-Holland, […]

Chocolate for breakfast

Moving to a new home in a far away land and having to say lots of goodbyes to close family and friends that speak the same language can be rough on the wee ones. When in doubt, we pray and eat chocolate! Here is what we have been having for breakfast the last few mornings…chocolate spread […]

The things we do for ice cream

We are without bikes and a car for just a few days, so we walk where we need to go. For Holland, it is hot, but for us Texans it’s beautiful. I first promise the kids some amazing ice cream just around the corner if they help us carry the groceries on our walk back […]

Christmas in Rome

As we were packing up our suitcases for a family of six, I get a map out for the youngest to show her where we are going for Christmas. I point to the pink boot shaped country on our world map. She replies, “Yeah! Are we going back to See Word? I yuv da dolphins!” Mom […]