Cooking with Papa Kazmi this New Year

Our kitchen smells like a little Indian restaurant. Turmeric, cumin, cloves, and bits of red pepper sprinkle the stove top. Little flour hand prints cover the counter top from making our first batch of homemade chapatti. Fresh garlic, ginger, and the mix of these fragrant spices have filled our kitchen with heavenly smells. This winter I opened […]

Our First Thanksgiving

We have never fully celebrated the big American holiday here in Holland. In the past our oldest thought it would make everyone lonely and even more homesick. It was hard enough getting a Skype call from family seeing them all happy and full from turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, fresh rolls, and pies. Not to mention […]

Sint Treats

Since the 15th of November, Sinterklaas and all the Zwarte Pieten have arrived from Spain on their steamboat. What this translates to the kids…they can put their shoes out by the fireplace and on some mornings they might discover a small treat or tiny cadeau inside their boot or sneaker. Most nights the girls stuff […]

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter this Thursday as I reminisce our weekend in Lohr, Germany and our sweet moments inside the beer tent at the festival.  {Pretty} Because smiles and cotton candy make a five year old glow with beauty. {Happy} Happiness is being able to savor a German pretzel as big as your […]

I heart market day

Fijn Pasen

Holy Week and Easter morning didn’t happen like the way we planned with doctor visits, sleepless nights, and ear infections, but once again we were reminded of God’s greater plan and his daily love for us. We celebrated the day with mass for most of the family, chocolate, a Dutch breakfast, rest, and some more […]

Bakkeri Bekkers

Lane and his class on a field trip to a bakery in Veghel! Mijn lieve bakker Lane!


Pannenkoekenhuis (pankcake houses) are popular in both Holland and Belgium. These pancakes are much thinner and larger than the American pancake and is served with an unusual variety of toppings, like brie, walnuts, apples, and honey…my top choice! We have enjoyed several in the past year and we really don’t have one particular pancake house […]

Winery & Herbs Pompoen Feest

It wouldn’t be October without cool weather, warm delicious foods, and pumpkins! Winery & Herbs is located a bike ride away, but for today we drove, so we could bring back our beloved fall favorites! We took home pumpkins and gourds galore, pumpkin recipes, pumpkin wine, pumpkin jam, and of course mama’s camera filled with photos. […]

speelklei, koffie, sinaasappelsap, lezing, bordspel

Come join me in learning five new Dutch words with a Five Favorites post this Wednesday! What I love most about linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife , is how I always seem to break out along with Maria von Trap in the Sound of Music, “These are a few of my favorite things…”  This tiny speelklei or play-dough […]