lard, leaves, little pumpkins, loaves of bread, lovely ladies

With the inspiration from some bloggers back home, Julia and Lauren, I’m linking up for the first time today with Hallie at Moxie Wife. Lard, leaves, little pumpkins, loaves of bread, and lovely ladies…these are a few of my five favorite things. 1. Lard-Lard for pie crust that is! My friend Terri also known as the Pie […]

Through a child’s eyes

Thanks to our Aunt Bonnie, each kid has a journal. For the older kids, they can write down or draw out what is going through their minds as we embark on this adventure. I can tell you what my kids are experiencing, but to listen to them in their words or read their writings is […]

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10

This is a journal entry that I wrote at a Regnum Christi retreat back in February. It was a time of uncertainty with the move to Holland. I want to always remember and keep in mind when I’m looking down upon the rough and wavy waters or those times when I have a lack of […]

Christmas in Rome

As we were packing up our suitcases for a family of six, I get a map out for the youngest to show her where we are going for Christmas. I point to the pink boot shaped country on our world map. She replies, “Yeah! Are we going back to See Word? I yuv da dolphins!” Mom […]