Fearless Imagination

I have just set down my second cup of coffee. It sits next to various sticky jars of jams, honey, and peanut butter. Sliced meats, cheeses, mayo, bread, and butter scatter the counter top.  It’s an early cold October morning and I am making four different sandwiches in my pajamas for four very deliciously different […]


Celebrating Palm Sunday with Lane and his First Communion class. I had to go here to learn more about this sweet Palmpasenstok tradition. After mass the kids deliver their Palm Sunday crosses to someone special. We chose a good friend from church, Margot. Truly a gem to be with.  

Role Reversal

The kids and I have just made it home on  our bikes from school. Backpacks and shoes scatter the entry way. We promptly enjoy an afternoon snack of fresh bakery bread smeared with a hazelnut chocolate spread and a glass of cold milk. I opted out on my normal greek yogurt and museli go to […]

Sandals, Sun, & Smiles

Today was a very wet, rainy, and windy day. It took me back to my five favorite things about this particular day here in Holland where sandals, sun, and smiles reigned! 1. Mom got to wear SANDALS and let her cotton candy pink toenails dry on the way to mass. 2. The SUN was out […]

A Mother’s Day

It was a warm and humid Sunday morning in Richmond Hill, Georgia where azaleas and magnolia trees filled the spring air.  I was wearing my first and favorite cropped lime green maternity pants and matching sleeveless top that was given to me by my mama. I can remember beaming all throughout mass that day as […]

Leo the Lion Hearted

We had to say goodbye to our family dog, Leo, today. He was drowned in tears, homemade cards, crayon pictures, pencil sketches, and hugs by all. We tried to comfort the kids with pastime stories of our childhood pet memories. I shared a story about my little sister at the age of 3 trying to […]


 Here are some snapshots of our village, Schijndel, and their small town parade Sunday afternoon. Please don’t ask me too many questions about the Dutch in the South and how they celebrate Carnival. I haven’t fully figured it all out. Maybe next year, I will know more. Check out more photos here from the Carnavalmis (Carnival […]

Hobbit & Holland

We were tested beyond our endurance to move our family of six overseas to the Netherlands, but we are slowly getting through this…together. The boys and I just finished reading The Hobbit. As we read, we immediately related to Bilbo Baggins. Once he made the decision to go on this unplanned journey, he really wanted […]

Our love letter back home…

Love is the Beauty of the Soul St. Valentine Hoi from the Gerngross family! We are sending our LOVE from the Netherlands! Just six months ago, our boots and hearts were in Texas where we were speaking and reading in English, driving our Expedition to and from baseball or dance, eating Chick-fil-a, shopping at HEB, […]

St. Nicholas: Through the Eyes and Ears of a Child

“Nicholas is the great patron of children and of Christmas giving. He lived in the fourth century. Santa Claus (Sinterklaas) is a Dutch form of the name St. Nicholas. This famous saint was born in Asia Minor, which is modern-day Turkey. After his parents died, he gave all his money to charity. Nicholas is the patron […]