Cooking with Papa Kazmi this New Year

Our kitchen smells like a little Indian restaurant. Turmeric, cumin, cloves, and bits of red pepper sprinkle the stove top. Little flour hand prints cover the counter top from making our first batch of homemade chapatti. Fresh garlic, ginger, and the mix of these fragrant spices have filled our kitchen with heavenly smells.

This winter I opened up Pure Cookbook by Papa Kazmi. I was intrigued immediately with the pure ingredients used and the simplicity of family meals.  The stories paired with the recipes are delightful and love is undeniably the force behind these foods and spices. You know you have an exceptional cookbook in your hands, when you can’t quite get through to the desserts because the first thing you want to do is get out on your bike and head to the market to grab all the ingredients you will need for a family lunch.

That is just what I did. When I returned, we had a team effort in putting together these Indian dishes from the Pure Cookbook.

2015-12-12 06-35-54

A sleepy five year old in her pajamas holding my attempt at the Mango Lassi. 

I didn’t have any mangoes, so I plopped in persimmon, banana, almond milk, agave, sea salt, and a pinch of chai seeds in the blender. It was the perfect morning pick me up before market shopping, but I prefer to stick to Papa Kazmi’s original recipe.

2015-12-13 09-20-20

There is no greater joy than having these little hands by my side making something new. It’s the flour covered stone underneath their feet that require patience.

2015-12-13 09-02-59

Whole wheat flour, water, and sea salt was stirred and rolled into chapatti. We couldn’t believe how simple it was to make. I am dying to try his recipes for the different combinations of Naan with nuts and fruits or goat cheese and eggplant

Chapatti. Looks like a tortilla, but with less ingredients and much more of a hearty flavor.

2015-12-13 09-04-07

Fresh ginger…a staple in Papa Kazmi’s dishes and drinks.

2016-01-01 10-24-16

Curry and guram masala were two new ingredients added to our spice cabinets.

2015-12-13 09-06-54

Raita with mint, lime, and a touch of sea salt.

2015-12-13 10-05-45

Our family’s effort at making Keema Aloo, a mixture of minced meat, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and the perfect combination of Indian spices paired with our homemade raita and chapatti. We thoroughly enjoyed every bite!

2015-12-17 13-08-02

Before I sit down to plan our next round of Papa Kazmi’s recipes, I whip up my new favorite drink, a Pomegranate cumin smoothie. De-lish! Tomorrow’s menu includes Anda, Baingan bharta, and Aloo Jeera.

Add a little spice and variety to your clean eating menu and bring the Pure Cookbook into your home this New Year! I look forward to the day I step foot in the door of Hills & Mills, a booming restaurant located in Delft where Papa Kazmi is happily cooking away. Cheers to Papa Kazmi and his family! Cheers to pure ingredients! Cheers to simplicity in cooking with those we love! Cheers to health and happiness from our family to yours!





  1. I thought that looked like Indian food!!!!! I love, I love, I loooovee!!!! I am so impressed that you did this from scratch and that the kids helped! It doesn’t get more authentic than that! Merry Christmas and New Year blessings to the Gerngross family, we love ever moment of your adventures!

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