Sint Treats

Since the 15th of November, Sinterklaas and all the Zwarte Pieten have arrived from Spain on their steamboat. What this translates to the kids…they can put their shoes out by the fireplace and on some mornings they might discover a small treat or tiny cadeau inside their boot or sneaker. Most nights the girls stuff their shoes with carrots or apples and lots of crayon drawings for Sinterklaas, his white horse, and all his groovy generous helpers. We were clueless our first year. The second year, we thought we understood or at least pretended to, but this year we are full fledged into celebrating Sinterklaas from now through December 5th!

What makes for a kid smile on a Monday? Nibbling on a crisp ginger windmill cookies, a chocolate letter, mandarin oranges, truffle coated peppernoten, chocolate Euros, or even occasionally unwrapping a small gift before getting on their bikes for school. Sharing with you some our favorite treats from Sint over the last few years that the kids discovered in or around their shoes…

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