Coffee, Books, and Rain

Coffee. Books. Rain. Three of my favorite things all on one cozy warm high school gray sweatshirt. Gezellig. I want this. No, I need this. The few times it did rain in Texas, I can remember thinking it was a day to take advantage of the weather, pause a bit, and curl up to read a good book. After three years of Holland rains, lots of rain, wind, and colder weather I should be a real bookworm by now. The overcast foggy weather gives you the feel that most days are days for devouring books and hot cups of coffee while listening to rain tap the rooftops. As tempting as it sounds, I cannot live by this cozy combination…at least not every day. I have to get up and get out there and get wet.

Coffee books & rain! Perfect for a lazy day around the house or at your favorite cafe! The American Apparel Hoodie is a 100% flex fleeced hooded sweatshirt with an extra-soft interior and a snug fit:

But I still LOVE this lazy day sweatshirt and I do believe it loves me.



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