Pannenkoekenhuis (pankcake houses) are popular in both Holland and Belgium. These pancakes are much thinner and larger than the American pancake and is served with an unusual variety of toppings, like brie, walnuts, apples, and honey…my top choice! We have enjoyed several in the past year and we really don’t have one particular pancake house we love most. We like them all! Fabula is a super leuk (nice) spot to sit back, relax, enjoy a rose Belgium beer or two, eat a lekker pannekoek (a delicious Dutch pancake), and watch the kids burn off some serious energy. All of the pancake houses have the neatest indoor and outdoor play areas for the kids and are popular places for celebrating birthdays. One of my favorite parts about this day is not shown here. I haven’t figured out a way to film or take photos on my bike while riding through simple, but yet beautiful Dutch countryside.

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