Winery & Herbs Pompoen Feest


It wouldn’t be October without cool weather, warm delicious foods, and pumpkins! Winery & Herbs is located a bike ride away, but for today we drove, so we could bring back our beloved fall favorites! We took home pumpkins and gourds galore, pumpkin recipes, pumpkin wine, pumpkin jam, and of course mama’s camera filled with photos.


Only Maci and I devoured the bright orange pompoensoep (pumpkin soup).  It was delicious, hearty, and healthy! We also tried pumpkin pizza with a thin crust topped with mozzarella cheese, a light tomato sauce, and shredded pumpkin. It was de-lish! All the recipes I collected are in Dutch, so I will share an English version from my all time favorite famous gal, Ree Drummond. Click here for the recipe and enjoy her step by step photos of how to make pumpkin soup. I am not so sure my kids would eat it straight out of a pumpkin though. I might have to serve mine in polka dot ice cream cups and bright colored spoons to get my crew to eat it!


 Just for you mom, we will give you these grins because we love you and you are the best mom ever! 

Wonder what the commentary would really be if they were the ones with their fingertips over the keyboard?


As you can see in lots of our snapshots we have several kids with missing teeth. We have some serious wind and rain in the forecast, hope the tooth fairy is up for more flying because we have several wiggly teeth ready to fall out.


It is the beginning of October and people are already carving pumpkins and Sinterklaas snoepjes fill the grocery store shelves? Our crew was hesitant at first, but then the boys dug in the pumpkin carving fun, reasoning that we could put it out for Lane’s birthday and buy another one for Halloween night.


 Goede Idee? Great idea right?


While the boys carved their masterpiece, the girls enjoyed more face painting and pictures with Daddy.


A reminder to let you know that Royce and I can’t always read everything we see. Glad the kids can read it!


That’s just how we roll!


Or ride.


My sweet peas growing up way too fast!


  1. Maggie McInnis says:

    Happy Autumn! What a super fun day in The Netherlands…love the painted faces, pumpkins and the expressions on all their faces….so did Mom and Dad get in any pics? Love you all!

    • Thanks Mom! Happy Autumn right back at you! No, Royce and I didn’t jump in pics! We should have though! LOVE you!

  2. lillian Dolle says:

    Oh my gosh, love the pictures, Jessica they remind me of you and Katie (the girls), and Lance
    and Lane are so darn handsome. Wow—-how absolutely beautiful. The Pictures take
    my breath away.
    Love, Aunt Lill

  3. Wow! beautiful!!
    the colors are so rich!
    Jessica the pic if mk sitting on the pumpkins reminds me of san angelo and outside of albertsons where kt posed for a similar pic.

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