Five Favorites

Compared to our backyard in Texas, we have a tiny teeninsey backyard here in Holland. We are Texans through and through and I think it is just in our blood that we need wide open spaces. I am not complaining by any means. I promise. It takes Royce or our new lawn mower, Lance, all of 10 minutes to mow our backyard which leaves us more time for travel. We do have to get creative with outdoor play (buiten spelen) and find these big spaces where we all can really let loose and explore. Here in Holland, that is not a problem. We just have to find them all!  Sharing with you our five favorite FREE (gratis) places close by that gets our family outside on the weekends! Skip trying to pronounce the names of these places and click the links to learn more!

1. De Schaapskooi


2. Bedafse Bergen


3. t’ Kwekkeltje


4. Kienehoef /Sint Oedenrode

Beautiful outdoor park and play space for kids with small children’s farm with goats, peacocks, llamas, and homemade chocolate sand ice cream cones by me. The kids and I fled here over meivakantie one afternoon and recently this fall the girls celebrated juffendag (Teacher’s Day) here in Sint Oedenrode.


5. De Woeste Weide



  1. The picture of Maci is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful place. I wish we could see all those places with you all! How wonderful!

  2. Beautiful pictures..

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