Meer Honkbal

Meer Honkbal, meaning more baseball! Here are some of my favorite shots of our seven year old playing ball this fall. Finding baseball here was such a blessing for our boys. In our first year of  transition to Holland, we knew we had to keep busy or we would end up being too homesick thinking about things we use to do or be involved in. I honestly didn’t think they would have this popular American sport, but they did and a team existed right here in our village. The boys chose baseball and the girls chose ballet! I find these extra curricular activities are WAY more laid back and low key then our experience back in America and here is why.


1. The kids are allowed to be kids and truly have fun. The result…kids seem happier and less stressed on the fields. It’s not about the parents. It’s about the kids. It’s not about what they cannot achieve in the sport or what they need to work on or get better at. It is about getting outside rain or shine, getting dirty, smiling, laughing, running, sliding, catching, hitting, throwing, being silly, learning, and celebrating achievements. It is about being tough and giving it their best, while playing a sport that means something to them, not to their parents.


2. I have never once heard a parent yell from the stands. They are speaking Dutch, so I can’t exactly understand everything that is being said. I just know it is quite enjoyable to be apart of these Dutch baseball games where parents and grandparents sip on coffee (sometimes with tiny teacups and saucers) and enjoy watching the kids play ball.


3. During the winter months or  on a super cold or drizzly day, the teams take pauzes (pauses or breaks) during the game. They all head inside to the clubhouse to enjoy their favorite drink and  maybe a sandwich. The coaches and parents enjoy again another hot coffee, tea, or even a beer on tap if they like, while the kids get served a round of ranja (juice).


4. During the summer, the team holds an annual camp-out on the field. The boys had loads of fun and freshened up on baseball skills before school begin.


5. Playing a sport here seems to be less expensive than the states. They wear the same uniform until they outgrow it. In the states, we were buying new shirts, pants, belts, and socks each season.  For most activities, the first few lessons are free. They encourage the kids to first try it and see if they enjoy. There is no need to commit and pay at full.


  1. Wow! This is how baseball was meant to be played!! Love these shots.

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