Let’s Play Ball


Let’s Play Ball! Okay, and well, yes pick some pretty flowers. It’s just what this spectator chooses to do. We continue to fall  in love with our autumn weather here in Holland and are enjoying every ounce of sunshine or even cool hazy mornings before the heavy jacket, double layer, and rain boot weather that Novembers usually brings. Watching baseball becomes even better when the weather is just right and sipping a steaming cup of hot coffee is bonus.


Watching Lance play baseball is like watching my big brother…no joke! They are two peas in a pod and I love it!


I love this look of the first base man…the anxious hope of “I got this one! I don’t have this one! Oh, Lord please help me catch this one!”


John, if you are reading. This is what you looked like in high school playing fall ball…only a little bigger with a red and white Coppell Cowboys jersey number 19!


He thinks he is a state champ too!


My heart melts when he looks over at me to make sure I saw that play.


Another loyal spectator with the comfiest seat in the stands…en voetbal. (a soccer ball)



  1. Wow!!! Jessica this is INCREDIBLE!!!
    Fall Ball Weather is alive and well in your town. Brings back real good memories!!!
    Maci and Mary Kate remind me of you and Katie picking flowers at the game.
    love you!

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