Honfleur, France

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 Bonjour! My NEW favorite place is this picture perfect coastal town called Honfleur, France.


On our way back home away from home, the Netherlands, we found St. Catherine’s Catholic Church with mass in French. Royce and the boys enjoy tallying how many different languages we get to hear while living in Europe. We have heard Italian, Latin, German, Dutch, and now French! St. Catherine’s is the largest wooden church in France and my pictures do not do not portray how beautiful it was. My buddy, Nikon, ran out of energy for more photos right after mass, so I took the rest using my camera phone.



Our next trip to France will most definitely have to be to Lisieux, France.

“To live in love is to sail forever, spreading seeds of joy and peace in hearts.” St. Therese of Lisieux


The church was named after Saint Catherine of Alexandria and this is the bell tower.

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After mass we walk out to market where you could find all sorts of antiques and treasures. This type of shopping would be better with my mom and sister, not four kids ready to go back home to play with their friends. They may not appreciate this coastal town as much as I did, but one day I believe they will.

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If my kids were in the right mood, I could have had a lot of fun putting them up against all the picturesque backdrops of these homes and shops that beamed with character.


I have to be happy with this one. Mamas can’t be too picky. I have three out of four looking at the camera.


And Daddy took this one with his camera phone!


Riding a carousel in France. Now we are happy. Who wouldn’t be?


My photos of food, doors, and windows in France needs their own post.


The streets were small, but bursting with color and charm.



Tot straks! Til next time Honfleur!


  1. Cecilia Wagner says:

    Wow!!! I think I start every one of my blog comments with wow. :) Wish I could shop with you but could totally hear the grumbling of the kids. I’m looking forward to your trip to Lisieux. Crazy enough, we are reading “the count of Monte Cristo” for book club and I think you would like it cause it is set in France. I assume they are real places in the book. Maybe you can tell me.:)

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