Omaha Beach


June 6th of 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of D-day. We drove to the region of Normandy in France where people honor this day and this time period of World War II beautifully. Here marks the Avenue De La Liberation where we started our journey in learning more about the history of the Allied Invasion in France. Courageous, brave, and beautiful souls were lost and we will never forget.


“Les Braves will serve as a significant tribute to the courage of the Allied forces soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the liberty of our peoples and as a reminder to coming generations that those who died did so in defense of our shared values of tolerance and freedom. The spirit of those who sacrificed so much will rise through the waters and linger in our collective memories.”

Howard H. Leach United States Ambassador to France


The Allied Forces landed on this shore which them came to Omaha Beach to liberate Europe on June 6th 1944


No telling what is going through our ten year old’s mind here.


For our comrades in arms who have fallen may the blessing of the almighty God descend upon this spot and remain forever. 

A chaplain in the 29th infantry division




Click here and follow us to Point Du Hoc, where a Native Texan played a major roll in a successful mission on D-day.


  1. tempe gerngross says:

    Know you had a memorable time. And yes most Americans take our freedoms for granted and expect our government to take care of them. Nothing is free so each of us needs to be now dedicated to our responsibilities. Thanks for reminding us. Frank and I had cousins who served in that war.

    • Royce Gerngross says:

      I sat on that beach thinking about our heritage and the thousands of young men who were shooting each other with machine guns I thought to myself, “I wonder if any of them were actually quite close family who never had the chance to meet each other. Because of a few crazy people with strange radical ideas, their first chance meeting was on opposing sides of a war that showed the most vivid display in history of humanity cooperating with evil.

  2. lillian Dolle says:

    War is a combustion of power, hate,evilness, and greed. The evil never have enough therefore
    they must create destruction. What might of become of all the people all over the world–had
    they NOT been killed in ANY war?
    God Bless Our Soldiers!

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