Sandals, Sun, & Smiles

Today was a very wet, rainy, and windy day. It took me back to my five favorite things about this particular day here in Holland where sandals, sun, and smiles reigned!


1. Mom got to wear SANDALS and let her cotton candy pink toenails dry on the way to mass.


2. The SUN was out on this gorgeous day!


3. When riding bikes on Sunday mornings, I feel like we have the streets to ourselves.


4. I took all except one of these photos with my phone while riding my bicycle and keeping my balance.


5. The sun, the blue skies, and the breeze brought SMILES to all our faces.

Looking forward to reading more Five Favorites here with Hallie at Moxie Wife.


  1. Cecilia Wagner says:

    beautiful! Isabelle was wanting a Mary Kate picture in this blog and we found her or rather a small piece of her behind aunt Jessica on her bike. These look like a wonderful way to travel to church. Is that your church in the last picture?

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