All Hallow’s Eve

Who say’s in the Netherlands that they don’t dress up for All Hallow’s Eve ? Well, most families do not celebrate this day, but the kids were already planning and talking with each other what they planned to be and where they would like to trick or treat. We didn’t have our Target or Wal-Mart around the corner, where we normally would find an overflowing assortment of Halloween costumes and candy. Or we didn’t have neighbors with bowls full of treats waiting for eager trick or treaters. Luckily, we found exactly what we needed right under our very own roof. With the help of our oldest, we came up with a family night of fun for the kids in a short amount of time. I think next year we should ask our new friends to join in on the fun from decorating the dining room with cobwebs to a flashlight candy treasure hunt to our first ever homemade caramel apples! Of course we missed sharing this evening with cousins and friends from home, but we made new memories in hopes that our children will never forgot our much loved family time for our stay here in Holland.


  1. Cecilia says:

    You should definitely bring some of our quirky traditions to them and teach them just as they are teaching you. Why not? You could host a Halloween party and teach that strange tradition to the Netherlands. :) We really missed you guys this Halloween as well. And I realize it has been almost 6 months since we celebrated Halloween and I’m just writing this, but it does not make me miss you any less. I am so giddy about the prospect of seeing y’all. It is not even funny. I think I might go Top Gun on Royce when he is here in a few weeks. You know when Meg Ryan runs to Goose. :) I might do that to my Roscoe! :)

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