Oostkapelle, Netherlands

Our goal for this particular trip was to see a castle, a forest, and the sea all within a day! We woke up early on Saturday morning, found a McDonald’s on the way, and then headed northwest for a place called, Oostkapelle. We first toured the grounds of Westhove Kasteel and the museum, Terra Maris. Then we walked into a beautiful forest area where the boys immediately found some “Hobbit” hiking sticks and the girls continued their search for sea shells. Just at the moment kids started to complain about the walking and wished for their bikes, we had finally arrived in awe of the wide open space of blue skies, sand, and sea!

This area of Holland is called Zeeland and there is so much more to do and see! Maybe we can plan a trip to stay a few nights in the castle, rent or bring our own bikes, and explore!

In typical Jessica Ellen fashion, my Nikon battery was not charged and I did not bring my spare. I was able to take a few photos with my favorite camera and then ended up using my Samsung Galaxy as my backup.

Photos from Nikon camera….

Photos from Samsung Galaxy phone…


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