Pink Cakes and TeaTime with Toddlers

DSC_0060 There is nothing better than pink cake, pretend tea, and toddlers. While the big kids are at their new school, mama and Mary Kate had a lovely tea party for two today. We enjoyed these sweet little Dutch treats called, Roze Koeken. Mary Kate and I enjoy our walks on the main street in town. It’s a good thing we can only carry so much because we savor our strolling and shopping together in this little foreign world of ours. Once I can figure out my oven, we will have to try this Pink Cake Recipe or just head to the nearest bakkerij or supermarkt and buy six for one Euro.


  1. I was worried this recipe was not going to have our funny English measurements, but it does. YEAH!!! I will have to try this and maybe even go all out with the beet juice option for coloring.

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