Laundry Day


Before the move, when I thought of doing laundry in the Netherlands, this is what I had pictured. A cute little line of laundry hanging up. I did not think through the challenges of doing a simple load of laundry. I knew that most of the Dutch do not have dryers like we do in the states. They hang up their clothes to dry either inside the home or outside in the garden. A garden as in a backyard not a garden with tomatoes and squash. Lance gets confused with this concept every time. I overheard him correcting our neighbor, “You see in Texas a garden grows crops. You know like vegetables or wheat.”


Back to laundry. So, Royce comes home with an awesome washer and dryer. He obviously thought through the drying concept and found one that would work for our family. God bless my sweet husband who thinks things through on a practical level. With four growing kids, we would need a dryer. I am thrilled he made this fabulous purchase and we are able to put these in the loft where four kids keep their clothes. I can wash, dry, fold, and put up clothes all in one room. Easy right? Cake? Mom is pumped!


This is where the challenge arises. Can you read this? Me neither. I quickly search the owner’s manual and find no solutions as it offers every other language, but English. Oy! This is just one of those things I did not think through. This is where Google Translate comes in and a new friend from Germany comes to my aid. Either I need to write in English with a Sharpie on these beautiful new appliances or put my Rosetta Stone headphones on and learn Dutch! Our neighbors offered to change the settings on my Combimagnetron (microwave/tiny tiny oven) in the kitchen. I am determined to learn this language as best I can, so I’m going to be brave and keep the Dutch settings. No Sharpie will be necessary.


  1. I got the word, ‘start’ and ‘stop pretty easy. :) And I think I figured out ‘spin’ and maybe ‘extra 15 min wash’ and maybe ‘wool’? Oy…this is hard. Go Jess Go!!!

  2. Snell is fast in German. Voorwas…I’m going with Pre-wash. Afpompen–air fluff or air guess. I want to hear about the translation next time we skype. Hugs!

  3. We have the same washer brand, and nearly the same model! One thing I’m not used to is the humidity even indoors — that means it takes 2-3 days for jeans to dry completely. It’s only my husband and I for now, but that means our clothes are bigger and take longer to dry! :)

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