To market, to market…


To market, to market not to buy a fat pig, but strawberries, breads, and cheeses instead! Today, we visited our first market here in Schijndel. We found some amazing Dutch cheeses. I will have to use Google Translate to figure out what they are really called. I did find out that The provinces of Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, and Friesland are perfect for dairy farms because of their wet soil.


Aardbeien! Strawberries! Red ripe beautiful strawberries! These were such cute and tiny little berries that we couldn’t resist buying. They cost 1.50 Euros. Once again, Google Translate comes in handy for coupons. I was able to translate the coupon and I think it reads…that if I collect five of these cards, then we can get one free ticket into the Strawberry Play Barn in Koksedijk about 22 km away. We would need to eat 30 of these containers for each family member to get in free. I am sure there is a limit. Of course, I am relying on Google translate here. Our Dutch trainer warned us that not everything on Google Translate is correct, but have no fear the Dutch are not afraid to correct you or just speak English, so they can practice their English.


The kids are HYPED about the dairy and they very well should be. We are in Holland and are surrounded by dairy farms. We bought milk, yogurts, butter, and more cheese at our new HEB called the C1000. Instead of buddy bucks and baggers, you get to weigh your own fruit and vegetables and pack your own groceries. I’m making a few notes to myself here: weigh your fruit before you go through the grocery line and talk to the people offering you free food samples. They are so kind and will help you learn your Dutch. Or, if you feel more comfortable speaking English to them that is okay too.



  1. I love this! So glad you are blogging. Miss you!

  2. Tempe Gerngross says:

    Enjoyed your message and the food looks so healthy.

  3. Google Translate is my bff :)

    The cheese here is astounding. The more ‘belgen’ the better for me!

  4. I have blog food envy. :) Forget nutella, I want to eat cheese and toast for breakfast now. But not any cheese – the cheese that is in that picture up there. Yummy! Or what did you say earlier… ‘lekker’

  5. Sarah Seidel says:

    Hi Jessica! I finally got to read your blog and it sounds like you are doing really well! What an adventure your little family of six has already had and I am so glad you are blogging it…I plan to be a faithful follower! :)

    Sarah Seidel
    P.S. Your stoller is getting a LOT of use. :)

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