Home Sweet Home


Our big and little Texan feet arrived safe and sound to our new home in Schijndel on July 31, 2013. Kids rushed in to see their loft on the third floor and then shortly fell fast asleep after exploring their smaller, but cozy Dutch home. We are borrowing furniture from the company until our sea freight arrives. It sure was nice to have our own beds and unpack our suitcases after weeks of traveling visiting family and saying goodbyes in Texas. We are still adjusting to our new time zone. Don’t ask me to tell you what time of the day it is though…especially in Dutch. We successfully put the kids to bed at 8:00pm last night and they successfully got up at midnight. We decided to have a late night snack of kaas en brood (cheese and bread) and paired it with watching Animal Planet until we all fell fast asleep. The kids didn’t turn in until 2:00 in the morning and slept until 10:00. We have heard the best way to get out of jet lag is to force ourselves into the European time zone. Jetlag is not a fan of daylight, fresh air, and exercise, so taking the kids on lots of walks in the markets or playtime at the park helps. They are definitely worn out from all of our summer travels alone and then we added a move to Europe on top of that. It is definitely an adjustment and we just have to remind ourselves daily to be patient with them and their weariness as much as our own.


  1. I can’t even imagine tacking jet lag on top of Frio lag. My kids slept until almost 8:30 or 9 every day last week even Ev. I hope each day gets better and y’all have have settled into some normal routine by now.

  2. Super adorable picture by the way!!!!!

  3. We are missing you guys already but I am so happy that you and the kids are all getting settled. I am loving the blog! I can only imagine how beautiful it is there and what fantastic adventures you have ahead!

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