The things we do for ice cream


We are without bikes and a car for just a few days, so we walk where we need to go. For Holland, it is hot, but for us Texans it’s beautiful. I first promise the kids some amazing ice cream just around the corner if they help us carry the groceries on our walk back home. Of course they eagerly agreed! As I am ordering ice cream I try so hard to speak Dutch. I say, “Ik spreek geen Nederlands, maar ik ben aan het leren.” Which means, I don’t speak Dutch but I am learning.” The sweet little girl behind the counter says, “It’s okay, what would you like?” The things we do for ice cream.

Here are few other phrases I find myself using…

“We leven in schijndel. We hier verhuisd van Texas.” We live in Schijndel and we moved here from Texas.

“Mijn naam is Jessica en dit is…” My name is Jessica and  this is…then I have the option here to introduce our twee jongens (2 boys) and twee meisjes (2 girls).


  1. You go Jess for trying to use that Dutch! You’ll be a pro before you know it!

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