Sea Fright!

Sea Fright! I mean Sea Freight! It was a bit frightening to know that our belongings will travel on this container by sea for six to eight weeks, but at the same time it is comforting to know that these are just things and not human beings. The kids were very tuned in when it came to the organization of this move. We talked about what items we would bring by sea, by air, what needed to be stored or what needed to be with us for travel. They first got to each pack their own backpack of their favorite small books, toys, or games for the plane ride. Lance wanted to make sure his Legos went by sea because he knew about a birthday present going by air. He also thought he might like to travel by sea until his Uncle Kevin thought otherwise. He thought he might come out cussing like a sailor and thought it would be best for him to travel by air.  Lane wanted to make sure our Farmopoly game went by air so we could play it as soon as we got to our new home for our first family game night. The girls wanted to make sure their dress up clothes and baby dolls just arrived when they arrived. We didn’t exactly let the kids have their way in all the decisions of course, but some so they felt like they were apart of it just as much as Royce and I were. After seeing the actual sea freight container arrive in their front yard, they were all curious if an airplane would land on the other side of this sea container to take our air freight. There was no plane. Just three very large trucks.


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