Boxes, Bubble Wrap, and Tape Galore

DSC_0037 It was boxes, bubble wrap, and tape galore over at our house this July! The movers spent two days packing and organizing boxes for air freight, sea freight, and storage. We couldn’t have done this without the help of friends and family taking care of little ones. Mary Kate came home later after swimming and asked what the ice cream truck was doing at our house. To her surprise, big brown boxes filled the floors. Luckily, I had a freezer full of popsicles to share with her cousins to hold back the tears…for a little while. It wasn’t until bedtime that I realized I forgot to leave out some of her favorite books and sippy cup for bedtime. It was something that I thought about and read on many family expat blogs. It was something that I knew to do, but forgot. Her Daddy went out to HEB that evening to make sure she had what she needed to fall fast asleep for our last night in our home. Then in the early morning hours our oldest gets sick and comes down with an awful stomach bug. The next morning I find myself quickly stripping the sheets and carrying down to our packed up laundry room. The laundry detergent was missing and no longer on the shelf! Yep…it was wrapped, packed, and taped up in one of those boxes. Thank goodness we had an excellent crew that helped us label what was in each box and we found what we needed, washed the sheets, and let Lance sleep on a bed that was not already disassembled.

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