Birthday Girl

DSC_0020Happy 3rd Birthday to our baby girl, Mary Kate! She has had her mama and daddy wrapped around her little fingers since the day she was born! We love you to the moon and back!

Her little world is turned a bit upside down at the moment, but Momsie & Pawpaw are making it better with pizza and cake in Fredericksburg. Each hotel or home we stay in she asks us, “Is this our new home? Is this where we gonna live? Is this the Nedderyands?”

We have learned that no matter how hard we have tried to replace her favorite sippy cup, her lost blanket, or a few of her most treasured books, we cannot fix the situation. We can soothe her uneasiness and make it better, but not fix. Each evening she would get lonesome and just wanted to go back home to her own bed. As busy and hectic as a move can be, what all the kids need most right now is our eyes, ears, and hearts. Change is all part of the transition and as my good friend Irmi says, “She is on an adventure! She’s gonna be fine! She looks like nothing can dim her radiant joy.” I happen to agree!



  1. So glad you are finally home to the Nedderyands Mary Kate!

  2. Lill and AJ says:

    So Happy you are home for the next 3 years. The pictures are darling. Much love, Aunt Lill and AJ

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