Diving into Dutch

From the moment we signed the contract to make this overseas move to the Netherlands, we literally dove into the Dutch language. Instead of swim lessons and summer camps, we dove head first into Dutch. We started taking lessons via Skype for the whole family through a language trainer out of Houston. Royce and I would take our lessons first and then I was taking the boys out of school early in the afternoons to rush home, grab a snack, and sit them in front of the computer for an hour. We were already juggling homework from school, baseball in the evenings, and end of school year activities. Throwing intense Dutch lessons into the mix felt like a recipe for disaster! We did okay and we stuck it out, but I will be honest…it was rough and I wanted to throw my towel in a few times. The boys were exhausted from their day to day at school day and from processing this move in their little minds. Sitting down in a chair at 2:30 in the afternoon and listen to a teacher online was not something they looked forward to. They were not always compliant, but there were a few days they were. We made it work…for a while. Then at the end of May Ms. Anne-Marie was able to make the commute to our home! The setting immediately became much more relaxed and fun. We have a lot more to learn and plan to continue practice, so when it comes time for full emersion into their new school it will not be the first time they are hearing this new amazing language.

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